Andrew Lee - Country Coordinator

"God has placed in my heart a love and passion for God’s people. I know that as long as I heed God’s calling and walk according to his guidance, God will continue to use me for God’s glory and grace."

Clara Mridula Biswas - Street Children Ministry Coordinator

"It is joyful to watch the faces of happy children as they go to places they had never gone before. Although we bring the Gospel informally, we see the joy of the children singing Gospel songs and performing in dramas depicting Christmas and Easter."

Esther Gitobu - VIM Coordinator

"My greatest joy is to see volunteer teams share their resources, skills, and manpower with churches and programs in Cambodia, only to walk away completely and forever transformed by how much more the Khmer people teach and give them in return. The road of transformational servanthood is a two-way street."

Helen De Leon Camarce - Treasurer of Cambodia Mission

"A good Christian must learn to manage God's blessings by being transparent, honest, and always with a thankful heart. I know that monies coming from our sisters and brothers are hard earned, and I want to make our programs and agencies aware of such."

Kennedy Cruz - Community Development Specialist

"I grew up and lived in a relatively poor neighborhood where my father gave free medical service for sick, poor people on a weekly basis... My choice of career in humanitarian and mission work transformed my leadership approach from positional to servant-leadership."

Marilyn Chan - Women's Ministry Coordinator

"Daily I thank God for choosing me to serve. I believe this is a call from God to serve Christ by sharing the truth by building trust, hope, and love. I joyfully and faithfully accept it."

Samuel Om - Director of Educational Resource Development

"My prayer is to bring hope and healing to Khmer people. I believe there will be no hope without healing and no healing without hope... Only Christ can restore peace and harmony."

Seth Ogeto - Global Mission Fellow

"I believe I will touch lives and help those who are underprivileged in society to achieve their dreams, to attain better living conditions, and make the world a better place."

Charles Irung - Global Mission Fellow

"Faith in God is not an inheritance but, rather, a decision to follow Jesus and this only through the grace of God when I allow Jesus to shape all aspects of life.”

Flavia Ruth

CHAD Consultant

Local Staff & Nationals In Mission

Peou Vorn (John)

Office Administrator

Leng Thy

Program Coordinator (CHAD)

Sok Sophal

Health Coordinator (CHAD)

Him Daneth

Community Development Facilitator (CHAD)

Yi Chamroeun

Community Development Facilitator (CHAD)