The Discipleship Ministries of The United Methodist Church has published four Khmer (Cambodian) language resources.


Late in the previous century, five mission agencies began to discuss the value of combining their separate outreach efforts in Cambodia, a country then still recovering from oppression and tyranny of the Khmer Rouge. The five are United Methodist Global Ministries, the Korean Methodist Church, the Methodist Church in Singapore, the World Federation of Chinese Methodist Churches and Connexio, the mission agency of United Methodists in France and Switzerland. Methodist Church in Cambodia (MCC) has grown for two decades and it officially came into being as a Provisional Annual Conference in Sep. 2018. It has 140 faith communities, 10 districts, 130 clergypersons and average Sunday worship attendance of 6,800. Hand in hand, we continue the faith journey together as MCC moves forward to its own Annual Conference. Thanks be to God!

Fellow Methodist clergy pray over the newly elected President of MCC, Rev. Lun Sophy (Sep. 2018).
MCC has 10 districts that cover all provinces of Cambodia (see the list below).


(L) Local Church — (P) Preaching Point — (O) Outreach

Sunday Worship
1Phnom PenhToul Kork (L)8:00 AM
[DS] Svay YouthearoathPhoum Chress (L)8:00 AM
Glory (L)8:00 AM
Prek Toal (L)9:00 AM
Holy Mountain (L)9:00 AM
Wesley (P)9:00 AM
2Siem Reap / O.MeancheySiem Reap (L)8:00 AM
[DS] Sopheak LyHosanna (L)9:00 AM
Khnar Thmey (P)8:30 AM
Phum Thmey (P)TBAgoogle map
Way of Hope (P)9:15 AM
3S.Rieng / Prey VengPhum Phnov (L)9:00 AM
[DS] Ouk SaroeunPhum Trorbek (L)8:30 AM
Phum Trok (L)8:00 AMgoogle map
Bror Sremuk (P)8:00 AMgoogle map
Phum Chek (P)1:30 PMgoogle map
Chumpa Kaum (P)8:00 AM
Russey Prey (P)1:30 PMgoogle map
Bra Sat (P)8:00 AMgoogle map
Don Leb (P)1:30 PMgoogle map
Rey Veng (P)8:00 AMgoogle map
Svay Rieng (P)9:00 AMgoogle map
Bet El (P)8:00 AMgoogle map
Prey Khleang (O)TBAgoogle map
Tul Khpus (O)TBA
4K.Cham / Kratie / MKJoy (L)10:30 AM
[DS] Seng DynaViheathom (L)7:30 AMgoogle map
Phum Veal (L)9:00 AMgoogle map
Sourng (P)9:00 AMgoogle map
Kratie (P)8:00 AM
Romchek (O)8:30 AMgoogle map
Phum Brasat (O)TBAgoogle map
Light of World (O)10:00 AMgoogle map
Mondulkiri (O)8:30 AM
5K.Speu / K.Som / K.KongHoreb (L)8:30 AM
[DS] Sok OusaPhnom Dey (L)9:00 AMgoogle map
Kampong Som (L)8:30 AM
Tree of Life (L)10:00 AM
Kampong Speu (L)9:30 AM
Kirirom (P)8:00 AMgoogle map
Prey Padoa (P)9:00 AMgoogle map
Songke Chrum (P)TBA
Ponleu Samiki (P)TBAgoogle map
Boseth (P)2:00 PMgoogle map
Pen (P)7:30 AMgoogle map
Trav (P)2:00 PMgoogle map
Saha Savathmey (P)8:30 AMgoogle map
Koh Kong (P)8:00 AMgoogle map
Stoeng Hav (O)TBAgoogle map
Srey Sompong (O)10:00 AMgoogle map
Srtoeng Chay (O)TBAgoogle map
Chamkar Chek (O)TBA
Smoe Na (O)9:00 AMgoogle map
6B.MeancheyBanteay Meanchey (L)8:00 AM
[DS] Ieng ProTek Thla (L)8:00 AM
Chang Har (P)8:00 AM
Poi Pet (P)8:30 AM
Dei Thmey (P)9:00 AMgoogle map
Makak (P)1:30 PMgoogle map
Kong Var (P)11:00 AM
Tar Lom (P)8:30 AM
Mongkul Borey (P)8:00 AMgoogle map
Pum Sophy (P)11:00 AM
Bek Chan (O)8:30 AM
Boeung Tros (O)1:00 PMgoogle map
Pum Bour (O)8:30 AMgoogle map
7B.Bong / PailinBattam Bong (L)9:00 AM
[DS] Chan BonyDob Kro Sang (L)1:00 PMgoogle map
Chamkalmut (P)8:30 AM
Chamkar Samrong (P)9:00 AM
Khnach Romeas (P)8:00 AMgoogle map
Prey Khpus (P)12:00 PMgoogle map
Phnom Donmeary (P)9:00 AMgoogle map
Ro Kar (P)11:00 AMgoogle map
Si Yonpheakdey (P)9:00 AMgoogle map
Thmor Kol (P)TBAgoogle map
Toul Prom (P)9:00 AMgoogle map
Bor Vel (O)9:00 AMgoogle map
Dang Kot (O)TBAgoogle map
Dey Sor (O)TBAgoogle map
Kas Krolor (O)8:30 AMgoogle map
O-Mal (O)4:00 PMgoogle map
Pai Lin (O)9:00 AM
Philip (O)11:15 AMgoogle map
Phnom Sampov (O)8:00 AMgoogle map
Khsach Poy (O)8:00 AM
8K.Thom / P.ViheaOkroch (L)8:00 AMgoogle map
[DS] Sok NguongReak Smey (P)8:00 AM
Sam Reth (P)8:00 AM
Kampong Thom (P)8:00 AMgoogle map
Char (O)TBAgoogle map
Chhuk Beong (O)8:00 AMgoogle map
Chror Mas (O)TBA
Mean Chey (O)8:00 AMgoogle map
Salvation (O)3:00 PMgoogle map
Posan Snay (O)3:00 PMgoogle map
9Kandal / Takeo / KampotPrek Ompel (L)8:00 AM
[DS] Chen SokhomEmmanuel (L)9:30 AM
Krang Svay (L)8:30 AMgoogle map
Cheung Prey (L)9:00 AM
Glory Trinity (P)8:30 AM
Antioch (P)2:00 PM
Ang Krorsang (P)8:00 AMgoogle map
Thnorl Toteoung (P)TBA
Lakrotes (O)TBA
Tror Peangreang (O)TBAgoogle map
Krong Siyon (O)TBAgoogle map
Takeo (O)TBA
Khnar Tey (O)TBAgoogle map
Lumpong Borisoth (O)TBAgoogle map
Kampot (O)TBA
Light of Jesus (O)TBAgoogle map
New Life in Christ (O)TBA
Prey Mean (O)TBA
Ponlue Chhoeuteal (O)TBAgoogle map
Sethabo (O)TBAgoogle map
Spean Chivit (O)TBAgoogle map
Upper Room (O)TBAgoogle map
10K.Chhnang / PursatChrolorng Kork Hope (L)8:00 AMgoogle map
[DS] Mengleang LyTruth Church (L)TBA
Vision Church (L)8:30 AMgoogle map
Tro Peangkrovan (L)TBAgoogle map
Abundant Life (P)8:30 AMgoogle map
Amen O-totoeung (P)8:00 AMgoogle map
Grace Taourolum (P)10:00 AMgoogle map
Holy Grace (P)8:30 AMgoogle map
Living Water (P)TBAgoogle map
Lolork Sor (P)TBAgoogle map
Salvation of Christ (P)TBAgoogle map
Grace of God (P)TBAgoogle map
Light of Life (P)TBAgoogle map
Glory (O)8:00 AMgoogle map
Kampong Trorlach (O)TBA
River of Life (O)TBAgoogle map
Prey Leak Neang (O)TBAgoogle map
Tro Peang Ompel (O)TBAgoogle map
Nemet Andongrersey (O)TBAgoogle map
Way of Life (O)TBAgoogle map