Andrew Lee | Country Coordinator
“God has placed in my heart a love and passion for God’s people. I know that as long as I heed God’s calling and walk according to his guidance, God will continue to use me for God’s glory and grace.”

2021 Aug. Newsletter (pdf)
2020 Dec. Newsletter (pdf)
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2020 Covid-19 Prevention and Relief (pdf)
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2018 Oct. Newsletter (pdf)
2018 Mar. Newsletter (pdf)

Helen De Leon Camarce | Treasurer of Cambodia Mission
“A good Christian must learn to manage God’s blessings by being transparent, honest, and always with a thankful heart. I know that monies coming from our sisters and brothers are hard earned, and I want to make our programs and agencies aware of such.”

2020 Dec. Newsletter (pdf)
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2017 Dec. Newsletter (pdf)

Clara Mridula Biswas | Street Children Ministry Coordinator
“It is joyful to watch the faces of happy children as they go to places they had never gone before. Although we bring the Gospel informally, we see the joy of the children singing Gospel songs and performing in dramas depicting Christmas and Easter.”

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Patrick Booth | Co-Director of Project ARK (Advancing Resilient Khmer)
“Early in my life, the church helped my family financially, socially and emotionally. After receiving such a blessing, helping others became very important to me… The church continues to be a cornerstone of my faith. Where I find God’s presence most pronounced is in service missions and in the hearts of new believers. I seek only to serve others in Christ’s name, because experience has proven this to be my greatest joy.”

Missionary Newsletter (blog link)
Personal Webpage (blog link)
Building an ARK in Cambodia (article)

Janice Lee | Susanna Wesley Ministry Coordinator
“I envision the Susanna Wesley House (dorm) as a place where our students will grow in God as they attain expertise in their college major and I pray that this ministry offers them not only a safe place but also a place like home where love is experienced every day.”

SWH Newsletters (link)

Sok Sophal | Health & Hygiene Coordinator (CHAD)
“When I join worship or devotion, singing always makes me rejoice in God. And when I pray, I am in conversation with the One whom I love and respect.”

Him Daneth | Children’s Ministry Assistant / CHAD Facilitator
“I believe in Christ for 18 years and I always rejoice in Him whenever I sing praise to God. Praying grants me peace and hope in my mind and I feel like talking to my loved one in family. It’s a joy to be connected all times.”

Sotheary Sinh | Finance Assistant
“Prayer for me is a time that I come close to God. It allows me to look into myself – joy and gratitude. God is truly working in my life!”

Reasey Long | Scholarship & VIM Coordinator
“I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength… this verse always reminds me that everything that I have done and will do is to be through Christ. He is the One who gives me wisdom to live a holy life. And I believe that Christ is the only One that can give me a REAL strength.”

Vann Youlika | Shine Project Assistant
“I became a Christian after I came to Phnom Penh to study. My sister introduced Christ to me and my biology teacher once talked about the Bible. God’s grace is abundant. I thank God that He called me and loves me.”