The Discipleship Ministries of The United Methodist Church has published four Khmer (Cambodian) language resources.


Late in the previous century, five mission agencies began to discuss the value of combining their separate outreach efforts in Cambodia, a country then still recovering from oppression and tyranny of the Khmer Rouge. The five are United Methodist Global Ministries, the Korean Methodist Church, the Methodist Church in Singapore, the World Federation of Chinese Methodist Churches and Connexio, the mission agency of United Methodists in France and Switzerland. Methodist Church in Cambodia (MCC) has grown for two decades and it officially came into being as a Provisional Annual Conference in Sep. 2018. It has 140 faith communities, 10 districts, 130 clergypersons and average Sunday worship attendance of 6,800. Hand in hand, we continue the faith journey together as MCC moves forward to its own Annual Conference. Thanks be to God!

Fellow Methodist clergy pray over the newly elected President of MCC, Rev. Lun Sophy (Sep. 2018).
MCC has 10 districts that cover all provinces of Cambodia (see the list below).


(L) Local Church — (P) Preaching Point — (O) Outreach

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